Monday Money Play – Gun Tight Flex PA Post Shot

Starting today will have at least one Money Play post per week. Each Monday for the rest of the season (and possibly the whole year), you can check the website for a hot play that currently is working in game.

Today, the play we are going to focus on is…

Play: Gun Tight Flex PA Post Shot
Gun Tight Flex PA Post Shot

Playbooks: Bengals, Titans, Rams
Best Against: Cover 3 with Hard/Cloud Flats
Suggested Hot Routes: None!

This play is a perfect go-to play for newer or less experienced Madden Players because it requires no adjustments to run. Both of the crossing routes (the slot receiver on the left, and the outside receiver on the right) require the defensive user to help cover them so one of the two routes is pretty much always open when facing a stock Cover 3 with hard flats or cloud flats. The play is available in the Bengals, Titans, and Rams offensive playbooks.

Against Cover 3 w\ Cloud Flats:

Worth noting is that this play takes a bit of time for the crossers to get open downfield. Play around with the timing of the throw in practice mode. If you throw it at the right time, you can often times do a RAC catch instead of the possession catching shown here. When throwing it to the deep right I like to throw a low ball and possession catch it, but that’s just me.

Against Cover 3 w\ Hard Flats:

PA Post Shot vs Cover 3 w\ hard flats

Against hard flats you can typically throw the ball a bit earlier and RAC it for extra yards.

This play also often works against Cover 2 plays but is inconsistent. In a Cover 2 with Cloud Flats sometimes the defender will drop down to the flat, sometimes they never do. Your mileage may vary when facing Cover 2 defenses.

Anyway, that’s all for this week. Try the play out a few times in practice mode to get it down and then see if you can work it into your game plan online! Post a comment and let me know how it works (or doesn’t work) for you. Also let me know what you think of Madden Focus starting to have some tips posts. I’m trying to keep them very simple and easy to digest.

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This is dope. Just wanted to say that

Markus Anthony
Markus Anthony

This play is ice cold!


Great play!