Monday Money Play – Gun Trio Steeler Dig

Welcome back! This week we’ll be taking a look at the play Gun Trio Steeler Dig. This play is only in the Steelers playbook and has a unique post route that if used right can result in a one play touchdown against both Cover 2 and Cover 3 defenses. Let’s give it a look:

Play: Gun Trio Steeler Dig
Gun Trio Steeler Dig

Playbooks: Steelers
Required Hot Routes: Streak “B”(xbox)/”O”(ps4) Receiver
Suggested Hot Routes: vs Cover 2, motion left outside receiver to right, put on out route and smart route it.

The only required hot route to make this play work against Cover 3 is to streak your slot receiver. You can feel free to hot route your left outside receiver and the HB onto a route of your choosing as you see fit. Check it out in practice mode vs Cover 3:

Against Cover 3:

Gun Trio Steeler Dig vs Cover 3

As you can see in the video above, the corner route keeps the defense down and Antonio Brown is able to get deep and uncovered for an easy score. Try experimenting with pass leads to get some extra separation (this can be inconsistent though).

Against Cover 2:

Gun Trio Steeler Dig vs Cover 2

When facing Cover 2, This play tends to be well covered unless you motion your left outside wide receiver to the right side of the field and put him on a smart routed out route. Also, you’ll need to pass lead on this throw to make sure you don’t lead your receiver directly into the deep right defender. But if setup and thrown right, this is still a one play score against Cover 2 (as shown in the video clip).

Live H2H against Man Blitz:

In the clip above, you can see me run the play against a man blitz in H2H. I set it up the same way as if I was facing Cover 2. I also blocked my TE and HB for extra support vs the Blitz. You’ll notice vs man that you can check down to the smart routed out route on the right, depending on the match up. However, I decided to be aggressive and “test the user”.

Try the play out until you get it down in practice mode, and then take it live and see if you can work it into some games! Tweet me or comment here if you run into any issues!

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