The Madden Playbooks tool is a tool I created for myself to easily view all of the Madden Playbooks and find the same or similiar plays in different team's playbooks. The play names were entered into the database using OCR technology so some will be innacurate, please tweet me any mistakes you notice and I will fix them. Also, the identical plays are detected through image comparison, and is getting better over time (new scans/comparisons still going on (automated)). However if you find identical plays that are not already marked as identical, please tweet me. If I made any huge mistakes like missing formations from a teams playbook or having some that aren't really there, please for the love of God, tweet me.

I originally started this website for the Madden 17 game and have been making it yearly ever since. Screenshotting, slicing, uploading, and everything else for this tool takes a huge amount of my time. I work more than full time and have a child so I don't have a lot of free time to give these days. Honestly, I barely have any time to actually enjoy madden myself. If you find this site useful, please share it with your madden friends. If you find it super useful, please consider donating!