Old Madden Playbooks:

Unfortuneately I have not had the time to come up with a good plan for keeping past year's maddenfocus site's up without interfering with the current year's site. For now, I just back up the site as it was the last day it was up and move it to a new folder. You can still access the old madden playbooks tools. It just take's a little work. To access past year's maddenfocus sites, you need to add entries to your computers "hosts" file.

How to edit your hosts file:

This tutorial shows how you can edit your hosts file on either windows or mac and even linux to setup access to the old maddenfocus site(s). The entries you would need to add are below...

How to access old MaddenFocus / Madden Playbooks tools:

Follow the tutorial above to edit your hosts file and then add the following entries:

Once you have saved those entries into your hosts file, close and reopen your browser. You should now be able to browse to maddenfocus17.com or maddenfocus18.com to load up the old versions of the site. Enjoy!

Important Notes:

If you had an account/binders for madden 18 or 19, they will still be there on "maddenfocus18.com" or "maddenfocus19.com". If you did not have an account, you can create one on that site, but it will not create you one for the regular maddenfocus.com site. They completely separate websites. Enjoy, and let me know if you run into any problems!