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Latest Donation: $50 on Oct 17 by @Stingray5847.
Largest Donation: $50 on Oct 17 by @Stingray5847.

If you've read the about page, then you know roughly how much time goes into the creation of this tool/website. Long story short, it takes a HUGE amount of time and effort to make this tool. I do put ads on this website, which help to cover a small amount of costs, but it doesn't quite pay for the amount of time I spend on this site each year.

If you feel that this tool has helped you out enough that you'd like to donate some money to the cause, it would be greatly appreciated. Something to note: Donating can be done in two ways. First, you could paypal it directly to me as "friends and family" on paypal to the email "". Second, you can specify an amount below and click the paypal button. The first way I don't have to pay any paypal fees, the 2nd I do. The choice is yours.

If you donate, please let me know your username via a tweet or email (if your paypal email is different than your user email). I will update your user profile to show that you have donated to the site (unless you want to be anonymous), and also turn off the ads for your account for whenever you're logged in.

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