Monday Money Play – Gun Empty Y-Texan – Go’s Whip

This week we’ll be returning to a 5 wide set out of the Texans and Saints playbooks. The play is Gun Empty Y-Texan – Go’s Whip. This play only requires 1 – 2 hotroutes at most and is very simple to run. Another perk is that you can run it along side with a previous money play we broke down: Saints Fork.

Play: Gun Empty Y-Texan – Go’s Whip
Gun Empty Y-Texan - Go's Whip

Playbooks: Texans, Saints
Required Hot Routes: Drag Y(Triangle) receiver, Fade B(o) receiver.

This may seem counter-intuitive but on this play my first read is to the RB(R1) streak route. This route gets wide open against Cover 3, Cover 6, etc. You can also sometimes fit it into a tight gap in Cover 2 or out run your man in man coverage. The main reason I hotroute the B(o) route on a fade is to give a little bit of extra room to the RB route so the B defender does not jump it. However, if the defenders are pressing the B(o) route, I wont hotroute it to a fade since the default route is un-bumpable.

If the RB route isn’t open, more times than not I’m going to want to check down to the Y(triangle) drag that we hot routed. If timing allows and the coverage makes sense, I’ll try to smart route the receiver up the field for a big gain:

As I mentioned before, the B(o) route will get opened on certain coverages and usually is dependent on your WR speed and whether or not the defense is pressed or not. Usually when the defense is not pressed, I’ll hot route this WR on a fade to give a little bit extra room to the RB route. If the defender presses I take advantage of the unbumpable default route and my WR speed to get a completion over the top.

The last route I throw is the A(x) route. This is one of the more predictable four verticals type routes in the game. Your opponent will typically want to user this route and if they don’t it tends to get open over the middle. I somehow lost my footage of me throwing this route but it’s fairly straight forward if you’ve ever run any four vertical type plays. (I’m sure we all have, right?). Occasionally I’ll motion this route to the left side of the field to move the opponents attention away from the RB/B routes.

Anyway, that’s all for this week! Try this play out with the other Saints/Texans plays we’ve broken down on the site. Don’t forget to check back next week for another Madden Money Play, and if you didn’t see last week’s play you can check it out here.

P.S. Phins up! Great win over the Patriots this week! 🙂

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You’re dropping hits like a rapper! FIRE!!!


I just noticed your “PS”… That final play was awesome!!! It helped out the Chiefs a lot. = )