Monday Money Play – Gun Bunch – Trail

It’s the last monday of the year! This week we will be covering the play Gun Bunch – Trail. This play is a great play for picking up decent chunks of yards as well as often the ability to get a one play touchdown. This play is in 4 different playbooks.

Play: Gun Bunch – Trail
Gun Bunch - Trail

Playbooks: Cowboys, Ravens, Saints, Texans
Required Hot Routes: Streak TE.

This play makes a great one play touchdown play depending on the defense you are facing. The reason we streak the TE instead of leaving him on his angle route is to occupy the deep middle/right of the field. As we’ve seen in previous money plays like Gun Tight Drive Corner, occupying corners/safeties combined with a post-like route can often end up resulting in blown coverage on the defensive side. That being said, my first look is almost always still the safe drag route, or sometimes even the streak route:

Then, as mentioned before, my next favorite thing to do is to take the top off the defense with the deep angle route:

If you are looking to pick up short-mid range yards you can try not streaking the TE and hitting the TE for some mid range yards. You also have the option of throwing the out route to the far left receiver depending on coverage (I don’t have footage of me doing either one of these since most of the time I use this play to attack with the drag or deep route.)

That’s it! Try this play out and let me know how it works for you. If you missed last weeks Madden Tips, check it out here.

Note: This is going to be my last weekly Monday Money Play of the season. The regular NFL season is now over and I have a personal move (moving to Hawaii!) coming up in March. So I’ll be very busy in the near future. Hopefully i’ll find some time to post some tips here and there but for now I’m taking a break! Thanks for all who have read/watched/enjoyed my posts.

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Happy New Year bro!!! I hope that all is well with you and yours. How do you make the TE on the streak fall after the catch?


It’s the conservative/possession catch mechanic. Hold A (Xbox) or X (PS) after the ball is thrown. It causes your receiver to catch the ball and drop to the ground with securing the ball as his #1 priority.


Are you doing any plays this year?


Ahh, I see. This version of madden has a lot of tricks and special moves that you can do on offense.