Monday Money Play – Gun Empty Y-Saint Saints Fork

This week’s Monday Money Play is another play from a 5 wide set. The play is Gun Empty Y-Saint – Saints Fork. This play and this set are something that you can actually base a scheme around as long as you get the ball out quickly when facing a blitzing defender. This play has routes/setups to beat all of the usual coverages (Cover 2/3/4 and man). This play consistently picks up anywhere between 5 yards to a touchdown.

Play: Gun Empty Y-Saint Saints Fork
Gun Empty Y-Saint Saints Fork

Playbooks: Saints, Texans
Required Hot Routes: X(square) receiver on in route.

Your first read on this play is to look to the flat route to the tight end. This route will just about always be open unless your opponent is playing hard flats. You should be able to pick up anywhere between 3-10 yards on this route pretty consistently. The in route over the middle is a good small chunk route as well.

The beauty of that flat route is that you can really start to annoy your opponent by throwing it over and over again. Eventually they (usually) will either use Hard flats, man coverage, or user the route to try to take it away. When they switch to man or use hard flats it opens up the corner route, and when they try to user the flat it opens up pretty much everything for big gains:

Here’s a video of a drive where I went down the field only using this play. I adjusted and made new hot routes while moving down the field. For instance, I noticed he switched to Cover 2 with Hard flats. On 3rd and 4 I should have been able to hit the corner route but I chose to streak both right receivers and then hit the B(o) receiver in the tight window after he passed the flat defender but before he reached the deep blue defender.

Anyway, there’s a lot you can do with this play and it can be a really effective play to base a mini scheme out of to throw off or aggravate your opponent. Let me know what you think of the play or if you use it live with some success. Also if you have a suggestion for future Money Play Breakdowns, leave a comment! Check out last week’s play here.

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I’m digging the KC Chiefs too. That’s my favorite team bro.