Monday Money Play – Gun Tight Drive Corner

Hey Hey! It’s Monday. That means another Monday Money Play breakdown for our Madden Tips section! This week we’ll be breaking down the play Gun Tight Drive Corner. I really love this play, and I really love the Gun Tight formation in general, because it has a lot of opportunities for hot routing into a lot of different looks. I’ll try to keep the adjustments for the weekly breakdown simple, but I’d encourage all of you to hop into practice mode and experiment with putting the receivers on different routes to see how it effects different defenses.

Play: Gun Tight Drive Corner
Gun Tight Drive Corner

Playbooks: 49ers, Jaguars, Panthers, Broncos, Chargers, Falcons
Required Hot Routes: Motion Y/Triangle WR right. Streak B/O WR OR Streak A/X receiver

For this play all you need to do is motion your Y (xbox) or Triangle (PS4) receiver to the right. After this, either streak the “B” receiver or the “A” receiver (your choice). If the defender is not utilizing hard flats, I typically like to start by killing them with the check down route to the HB:

The true back breaker route on this play though is the Y(Triangle) wide receiver. After throwing the HB a few times, users on defense typically start to focus on taking that away. This introduces the perfect time to hit them deep with the route I just mentioned. Against Cover 3 it should be wide open, and against Cover 2 you can typically pass lead it to create a tight window to still get the pass completed. If the player on defense used “protect the sticks” the route won’t be as wide open, but you should still be able to fit it in if you lead it and time it right.

Gun Tight Drive Corner – Y / Triangle Route vs Cover 3 and Cover 2

Like I mentioned earlier in this post, be sure to play around with other hotroutes on this play and in this formation in general. Gun tight has been consistently a great formation to play out of for a long time in madden. Almost as good as gun bunch in my opinion.

If you missed last week’s Monday Money Play, be sure to check it out! We broke down the “Gun Trio Steeler Dig” play from the Steelers Madden playbook. See you next week!

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