Monday Money Play – TE Angle

This week we’re breaking down a play that is in a ton of playbooks and run from a singleback set. The play is Singleback Deuce Close – TE Angle. This is another play that you can run with 0 adjustments in most situations and can help you pick up consistent chunks of yards. I always love good passing plays in under center sets because they tend to make it easier to open up your run game instead of always passing out of the shotgun and running under center.

Play: Singleback Deuce Close TE Angle
Singleback Deuce Close TE Angle

Playbooks: 49ers, Bengals, Browns, Chiefs, Colts, Eagles, Falcons, Panthers, Raiders, Rams, Redskins, Seahawks, Titans
Required Hot Routes: None.

This play has been a pretty consistently good play over the past few years of madden. It’s also very easy to run. Without over complicating it, I like to start by looking for the B(o) receiver on the drag route. You can hit this route for 5-10 yards pretty consistently. If/when the defender shades the zones down into hard flats, the corner route to the X(square) receiver should end up wide open vs most coverages. And depending on where the user defender is located, you can hit the A(x) receiver over the middle for a good chunk of yards too. Here’s an example of the routes vs Cover 4:

Cover 4:

Get into practice mode and try it out vs some other coverages. Also experiment with motioning some of the receivers around to create different concepts. Sometimes if I get a lot of time in the pocket I like to play maker the RB up the field for a big gain on the right side, but that is a highly inconsistent thing to happen.

Hope you guys find some success with this play! Check back next week for another Madden Money Play, and if you didn’t see last week’s play you can check it out here.

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Markus Anthony
Markus Anthony

Great work as always!


Maybe you should try this against cloud flat coverage out of cover 3