Monday Money Play – Strong Slot PA FB Slide

This week we’re breaking away from the saints playbook and checking out a play that’s in 6 different playbooks. The play is Strong Slot – PA FB Slide. I really like this play because a lot of the routes get open against most coverages and it’s a great passing play out of a run first formation. Also, there is literally no hot routes required at all. You can run this play completely stock.

Play: Strong Slot PA FB Slide
Strong Slot PA FB Slide

Playbooks: Bears, Bills, Chiefs, Ravens, Texans, West Coast Playbook
Required Hot Routes: None.

I like to read this play low to high. I’m typically looking right off the bat to the FB in the flat. Depending on the shading of the defensive coverage, usually the FB will be open in the flat, or the A(x) route will be open coming across the middle of the field. You can also hit the corner route to the B(o) receiver for a big gain and in some cases you can even fit the deep post route in for a possible 1 play touchdown. Let’s look at the play against Cover 4, Cover 3, and Cover 2:

Cover 4:

Cover 3:

Cover 2:

Anyway, that’s it. It’s a pretty simple play to run. You’ll want to play around with aborting the play action and figuring out the best time to do it. This play can seriously annoy your opponent by flooding the left side of the field while preserving the opportunity to take the top off the defense with the post route.

Hope you guys find some success with this play! Check back next week for another Madden Money Play, and if you didn’t see last week’s play you can check it out here.

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