Monday Money Play – Gun Flex Trey Shallow Cross

This week’s Monday Money Play comes from the Green Bay packers playbook. The play is Gun Flex Trey Shallow Cross. This play is more of a situational use type of play and not something you’d want to “live in” as your base play in a scheme. The reason I wanted to break it down is because it often works well against a Cover 4 set to get a big chunk of yards. This comes in handy in a 3rd and long situation. It also beats most Cover 3 and Cover 2 sets as well.

Play: Gun Flex Trey Shallow Cross
Gun Flex Trey Shallow Cross

Playbooks: Packers
Required Hot Routes: Streak Y(triangle) and A(x) receivers. Motion X(square) receiver in.

The adjustments I make to this play in a 3rd and long situation are listed above. Streak the two receivers, motion the far left receiver in. Most of the time our goal is to throw it to that far left receiver and have the RB(R1) receiver on the deep in route over the middle as our check down route. A lot of times what I’ve seen is that user defenders tend to start off usering the A(x) receiver and then jump onto the RB(R1) in route when it breaks in. This typically leaves the X(square) receiver wide open deep middle just under the safety which is what we want. Check it out against cover 4:

Gun Flex Trey Shallow Cross – vs Cover 4

Against Cover 3 it works pretty similarly:

Gun Flex Trey Shallow Cross – vs Cover 3

When facing Cover 2 I’ve found that typically the A(x) receiver gets open deep if you pass lead to the inside. If your receiver is fast enough it could result in a one play touchdown:

Gun Flex Trey Shallow Cross – vs Cover 2

Like I mentioned above, this play is not meant to be a base play for a scheme. It’s more of a situational usage type of play to throw something new/different at your opponent. Also, as you can probably tell it takes a bit of time for these routes to develop and you don’t have any blocking help outside of your offensive line. So this works best when your defender is not blitzing on third and long and you are able to let this play develop. Here is a clip of me hitting this play for a 1 Play touchdown against Cover 3 in a H2H game:

Let me know what you think of the play or if you use it live. Also if you have a suggestion for future Money Play Breakdowns, leave a comment! Check out last week’s play here.

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These money plays are awesome!!! Do you have any from the New Orleans Saints playbook?


How do you get such good pass protection?


The breakdowns are done against pretty much stock coverages and no blitzes, so not much pressure is generated consistently.

In the live clip my opponent was running a cover 3 and only sending 4 at me from the line. I slide protected my offensive line to the right and ID’d the mike as the Linebacker he ended up usering. I thought he was positioning that linebacker to send as a blitzer but he did not.


Thank you!