Monday Money Play – Singleback Tight Slots Deep Post

This week we will be continuing from the Saints playbook. This time we’ll be breaking down a play out of the Singleback Tight Slots formation. The play is Deep Post and is in the Saints and Jets playbooks. The setup for running the play is extremely simple and has big gain potential while keeping you in a run formation to open up the opportunity to push your run game while adding a level of unpredictability to your game.

Play: Singleback Tight Slots Deep Post
Singleback Tight Slots Deep Post

Playbooks: Saints, Jets
Required Hot Routes: Streak A(x) receiver.

The easiest and most consistent route to hit on this play is the drag route to the receiver coming right to left. Against certain defenses your HB often gets into a good spot to become a blocker to help you pick up a big chunk of extra yards too:

The other two routes I typically throw on this play are the in route over the middle and the deep post on the left. Depending on the coverage and who your opponent chooses to user, the in route over the middle can end up wide open for a nice chunk of yards:

Here’s some examples of me hitting the deep post vs a couple different coverages:

Worth noting is that against Cover 2 it can be a tighter window for throwing the deep post. I’ve found that I enjoy throwing it a bit earlier and high pointing the throw. Like always, I encourage you all to get into practice mode and try this play against a few different coverages before hopping into a game and trying it against someone online. Another cool tidbit worth mentioning is that this play uses the same personnel as last week’s Monday Money Play so you can actually audible from this into last week’s money play.

Hopefully this play helps some of you who are stuck in shotgun sets to try out getting under center with some success. It should help open up your run game too!

See you next week!

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Those plays out of the Saints playbook are nasty bro! Keep up the good work!!!


Do you have any other killer plays out of the Saints playbook?